New Texas Shool Safety Law Requires Armed Person on Campuses

armed Texas school officer

Texas Lawmakers approve school safety bill that requires an armed person at every Texas school campus

List of California Schools Located Near Dangerous Intersections

unsafe school zone in California has been building a database of notoriously dangerous intersections for the last 3 years.  This database has grown to over 11,000 locations of hazardous pedestrian, car, and bike intersections.  The map aggregates data from stories covered by the media and intersection flagged by local DOT's.

Which Countries Have The Most Dangerous Schools Besides The United States?

Determining the most dangerous countries for students to attend school can be a complex task as it involves considering various factors such as conflict, violence, terrorism, crime rates, and safety infrastructure. Conditions can change over time, and rankings may vary depending on the specific criteria used. However, based on available data and historical context, here are some countries that have faced significant challenges in terms of school safety:

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