Foods To Avoid Packing In Your Kid’s Lunchbox

Most Dangerous Foods Not To Pack In Your Child’s Lunchbox

The Most Dangerous Foods Not To Pack In Your Child’s Lunchbox

We are all concerned about our child’s safety at school and as a result spend countless hours checking the school’s history, researching their teachers, looking for ways to keep our kids safe from bullying, and restricting their devices. But could what you’re sending your kids to school with also be dangerous in its own way? What you are packing in your child’s lunchbox could have potentially fatal consequences.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most dangerous food that you shouldn’t be giving your child to take to school.


Convenience reigns supreme when packing your child’s lunchbox and so leftovers are often the go-to choice for your kid’s lunchbox. There is also nothing more frustrating than sending your child off to school with food, only for a half-eaten sandwich or uneaten yogurt to return. Avoid simply repacking these food items for the next day. Food that has sat sweltering in your child’s bag or locker all day could be warm and no longer safe to eat.

In contrast, certain foods, like soups, need to be served hot as bacteria can start to develop if hot foods sit cold for too long. If you are going to give your child hot foods to take to school, ensure they are placed in an insulated container to retain their heat.

Meat and eggs

While a ham and cheese sandwich or egg mayo roll may provide your child with a healthy dose of substance for the day, these foods could be harboring dangerous bacteria. Meat, eggs, and perishable items should not be kept outside of the refrigerator for more than two hours at a time. Thus, leaving these foods in your kid’s bag until lunchtime could be a risky move. Processed meats also include lots of additives like sodium, colorings, and unhealthy fats, so they aren’t the best choice for your child in any case!


While nuts provide a delicious and healthy snack for your child, they could pose a danger to others. Kids like to share and swap out goodies from their lunchbox, and putting nuts in your kid’s lunchbox, could spell disaster for another. One of the most common, and potentially fatal, food allergies in the world is peanuts. Severe responses to a peanut allergy include anaphylaxis shock which causes the airways to constrict, leading to shock and even death.

While your child may not have this reaction, there could be others in the class that do,es and putting peanuts or a peanut butter sandwich in your child’s lunchbox could have disastrous consequences. You can also always speak to the teacher to ensure that there are no known nut allergies in the class before you unknowingly send your kid off to school with nuts. Or keep them for yourself and enjoy them as a snack while playing at an online casino NZ has to offer.

Fruits with seeds and pips

Fruits with medium-sized seeds and pips present choking hazards for children, so rather opt for other healthy snacks that aren’t dangerous.

Some fruits to stay away from include cherries and whole grapes. Grapes and cherries should always be cut in half lengthways to prevent them from getting stuck in smaller throats, and cherries should have the pips removed. 

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